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Cycling is one of the greatest activities of all time. It comes with various kinds and types for different purposes. Cycling is a healthy activity that comes with many benefits. However, you may think that what kind of bicycles you should use for cycling. There are plenty of bicycles that come with different uses. It functions differently depending on their structure, wheels, and other characteristics.

Thus, before you step out for getting a bicycle, you should know the kinds. It’s always better to know beforehand and then make a good purchase. If you want to use your bicycle for a long term, then the various kinds will help you. So here, we’ll let you know about the types of bicycles and their uses.


Mountain bicycles
mountain bike cycleThese bicycles have knobby tires that allow getting rid of loose dirt and other obstacles. It has flat handlebars and rugged frames with components. It often has a suspension to help the cyclists for navigation along rocky mountain trails. The mountain-style bikes come with different price ranges. The lower ranges are useful for recreational purposes but not for aggressive Biking. The mountain bicycles are like SUV cars, as it will operate fine.   

Hybrid/Comfort bicycles
Hybrid and Comfort bikes share easy features. The only feature that distinguishes this bicycle with others is the wheels. Traditionally, the hybrid has larger road bike-sized wheels. It is slightly thinner compared to the comfort bikes which have smaller and mountain-style wheels. Both bicycles have loaded features that come with comfort, smooth erase of dirt, paved trails, and family safe trips. It has an upright position that provides comfort.   


Road bicycles
These kinds of bicycles can be identified by their skinny tires and drop handlebars. Most of the people use this bicycle. It is used due to their extreme efficiency and speed. The larger thin tires help to glide along the road with little effort. A road bicycle is a supreme choice as it can be used to ride at the pavements, especially for longer rides.

                                               Triathlon/Time Trial bicycle
These bicycles are specially built for triathlons or for time travel events. It has forward bull-horned shaped handlebars and aero bars. The aero bars allow the rider to lean forward in an aerodynamic position. There are shifters located on the end of aero bars. The design of the geometry of the bicycle frame is to suit perfectly for the triathlon races. It highly focuses on the characteristics of aerodynamics.                   


Folding bicycles

A folding bicycle can be a great travel companion. As it can be folded, it is easily fittable at the subways or narrower lanes. It also easies to carry by boat, train, the trunk of a car, and so on.





Thus, with these types of bicycles, one can easily go for cycling. However, these kinds don’t suffice the wants. The next thing which comes right after the choice of the kind of bicycle is the brands. People look for branded companies. This is because the branded companies assure the security and the quality of the products. There are some top brands that give the best bicycle services.



This is a Taiwanese company that has brought a revolution in the biking industry. Ike Tseng is a founder of This bike  Company. They make about 2.2 million bicycles yearly. Their market base has spread to 77 countries. Premium prices, stylish designs, and convenience, these things characterized by their bikes.

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It is a Canadian based company founded in 1971. Cannondale produces bikes with super efficiency. Their effortless gear shifting mechanisms that complete the frame make them well-known. It helps to give the best and relaxed rides anywhere you ride it.


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This company is the topmost brand that manufactures bicycles with great features and appealing designs. This company is famous for its dual suspensions. The company’s simple global goal is to ensure that cycling is not only better but also accessible to all of us. 

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Thus, with these options, you can look for more bicycles and choose the best one!  Get Your Exclusive Offers   


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