Isn’t it scary when the whole world is struggling with the pandemic of one deadly virus, while on the other hand someone else is getting infected with Hantavirus? The world is currently locking down because of the global outbreak of Coronavirus. People around are panicking. The world around us is getting more frightened which looks like they’re prepping up for another apocalypse. Everything around us looked so colorful. Now, it feels like we’re becoming victims of the zombie apocalypse.


Along with these uncertain things around, the world came across another new virus called Hantavirus which might affect the world and bring other havoc.


Due to Coronavirus, China has already faced quite a drag down in its economy. It greatly caused the loss of lives. Now, the reveal of Hantavirus, found at Yunnan province, has been reported which caused the death of a man while he was travelling to Shandong province


As it panicked the people greatly, many have started questioning whether Coronavirus as a backup. Eventually, when there was the outbreak in China, after a few days they handled the outbreak remarkably. It was confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) that China is recovering from Coronavirus, and eventually the world too will recover.

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What is Hantavirus?

The virus spreads mainly from the rodents. It can also lead to the cause of various diseases once it gets in touch. America has regarded the Hantavirus as the ‘New World’ and it may cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. In Europe and Asia, it is known as ‘Old World’ and it causes hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.


How does it spread and get transmitted?

According to the US, the reservoirs of hantavirus are deer mice. The rodents shed it through their urine, saliva, and droppings. It contaminates with the people when people inhale the air with the virus. It is an air-borne virus. Apart from these, the virus can spread in other ways, which are :

  • If the person gets a rodent bite, the virus can spread quickly.
  • If people touch something which is contaminated with rodent urine, saliva or droppings, they might get easily affected.
  • The scientist also suspects that people can get sick from such a virus, only if the food is contaminated with rodent urine or saliva or droppings.

Therefore, anyone who comes in contact with rodents affected by hantavirus is at the risk of HPS. The rodent infestation is the primary source of exposure to Hantavirus. Your life can risk if you get exposed to it even though you are healthy.


Which activities involve the cause of getting touch with Hantavirus?

According to scientists, this dangerous syndrome can occur if you do a few activities. It can cause due to the activities like –

  • Opening and cleaning the unused buildings. Such buildings include – closed barns, the garbage. It is one of the potential places where the infestation is likely to happen.
  • Activities in housecleaning can put you at risk if the rodents made it their homes too. Thus in such cases look for the prevention control that your country is providing.
  • Pest controllers

However, in such a pandemic situation, everyone around the world is getting panicked. In such a time various things are getting uncontrollable that are increasing the risk. Therefore amidst such a situation, we can only pray, take measures and hope for the things to come back to normal. Till then we need to stay strong and stay safe as much as we can.








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