Stop! Paid Online Writing Jobs – New Killer Affiliate Content Writing Program

Stop! Paid Online Writing Jobs – New Killer Affiliate Content Writing Program

Online Writing Jobs


Are you looking for the best ways to inherit ideas for Content Writing? Is your writing getting stuck? Are you out of your ideas? Do you need unique content for your website? Are you a writer and having a creative block? 

If these questions are bothering you, then don’t worry.  These are the natural things that every writer or blogger face. Thus, to avoid such, we’ve got something for you that can ease up your mind little!


onlinewritingjobs, content writing

Online Content Writing

What is Paid Online Writing Jobs?

OnlineWritingJobs is a content provider website that helps to provide and match the content for the freelancers, bloggers, and writers. The website contains websites that range from independent bloggers to large businesses.

The website comes with the categories that once can be used for work. The writing categories include – SEO Content, Copywriting, Bloggers and Influencers, Subject-Specific Experts. 

SEO is a unique style of content that most of the writers aren’t accustomed to. It requires the writers to understand the keywords and how to use them. The knowledge of external link and anchor text is extremely helpful once it is known to you.

The copywriting section of this website is highly optimized. Once you’re acquainted with this website, the website will provide you to write some copyrights.  The copywriters are used to drive sales. It makes them understand what triggers them emotionally. They use such tools to pitch marketing. The website allows the copywriters to work with clients to establish and strengthen brands by using unique modes of voice. 

OnlineWritingJobs allow writing for bloggers and influencers. Before writing for them, it is important for writers to know about their niche. Therefore, this website helps to curate suitable posts and content for the particular influencer or blogger. Similarly, they work moreover the same for the specified subjects as well. That’s why the website caters to provide content on product reviews, instructions for a specified subject, and so on. 

Thus, under one-stop, you can find your go-to content for the specified articles.

onlinewritingjobs, content writing

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How does OnlineWritingJobs work?

Like most of the content mills and other websites, the writers need to register at first to get them working.  The only twist here is that they pay you for the sample writing. So at first, they’ll pay you for your work. Currently, they’re requesting the writers to write a 500-word description for New York Yankees flags, banners, pennants, and some specifically optimized search engines.  Once you apply your details, the application gets processed within 1-3 business days. However, if you’re not accepted right away, they’ll hold your application for 90 days. You can apply for jobs once again. 


OnlineWritingJobs welcome all experience levels to apply for the job, however, the candidate must be over 18 years of age, and the US resident.


Guidelines for The Articles at OnlineWritingJob


The software has some guidelines, which are


  • Looking for any articles is easier out here. You can even find and choose projects on which you’d like to work on. 
  • The editorial review under this website goes through some serious and strict regulations. They review minor errors to correct punctuation. 
  • There are certain deadlines that vary from different projects. The content must be submitted within 3 pm EST.
  • OnlineWritingJob doesn’t allow writers to communicate with the client directly. In fact, they don’t disclose the details of the clients> You’ll be asked to sign an agreement stating that you will not work with the client directly. 

According to OnlineWritingJobs, the payment ranges like $10 and $27. They use the method of PayPal to pay the writers every Friday. 


OnlineWritingJob owns a small community to function. There’s not much chatter and chaos when it comes to looking for perfect articles.  However, they own a small community across the world and target a lesser number of writers.  On the other hand, with a lesser number, they work excessively smoothly. It is easier for the writers to look at content articles and post some even. They allow having as well to write content for them. Thus, by these services they’ve affiliated with many companies and work in a disclosed manner. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get going!


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