Anthony Fantano, an internet icon and a popular music reviewer discloses fake Instagram DMs send by Canadian rapper Drake.

Fantano claims on YouTube that he was DMed by rapping sensation Drake on his Instagram account while he was exercising.

The DMs were from Drake’s Instagram account addressing Fantano about him not liking Drake’s musical works.

Drake not only addressed him but send Fantano an entire recipe of vegan cookie asking him to try out.

But Drake claims the DMs leaked by Anthony Fantano to be fake and are all made up stories.

Fantano’s act was surely a sarcastic one which hardly made people believe it.

Drake revealed the actual DMs by taking a screenshot of the text 

The post revealed there was no such recipes send by Drake rather he ridiculed and reviewed Anthony’s rating system

Its not really clear why Drake ridiculed Fantano through DMs; may it be the reason of Fantano’s criticism or something else.

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