What The World Would Look Like If First Aid Kits Disappeared Tomorrow

first aid kits

First Aid Kits

A collection of supplies and equipment used to give medical treatment is called the first aid kit. It is also an emergency kit or a survival kit. From treating injuries to poison bites and even pains and allergies, a First Aid Kit contains all the necessary and required remedies. 

The contents of a first aid kit depend on the area of use, the knowledge, and experience of the person or body who is putting it together.. Any collection of medical supplies to be recognized as a first aid kit should be identified with the ISO graphic symbol for First Aid (that is an equal white cross on a green background). 


How to make First Aid Kits?

We can use any kind of container to make a first aid kit, it depends on whether you buy it commercially or you manage or assemble it from somewhere.. However, an individual can also make a First Aid Kit sitting at home very easily with the help of a shoebox a cardboard box or any kind of box which is applicable or apt for this purpose. 

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A first aid kit can be a large one or a small one depending on its contents and use. However, the most important thing is that all First Aid kits should be waterproof and always aseptic.

Contents of First Aid Kits?

The most common essential and typical contents of a first aid kit include gauze, cotton pads, disinfectants, adhesive bandages, crepe bandages, pain iodine, and antiseptic solutions. 

The above-mentioned items are the most important and compulsory ones, other than these the Kits also contain several other important necessary items. For example, Alcohol rub, Aspirins, Paracetamol, Painkillers, Injury Dressings, Nasal Sprays, Inhalers, Gloves, Oxygen Masks, Smelling salts and poison treatments are some other useful contents of a First Aid Kits.


Frist Aid Kits imageUses of a First Aid Kits

Other than medical treatments, we can use the first aid kit as a Survival kit in emergency situations. One must always keep a First Aid Kit handy. 

Whether in the Workplace or in the Car one must always carry First Aid Kits.

 It is mandatory for every vehicle to have an emergency First Aid Kits ready. Children must also carry a small kit when they are out camping or going to school.


 In case of sudden cuts, injuries or accidents a First Aid Kit is the thing one will need. Camping trips need first Aid kit to treat poison bites. When the ambulance is far and an accident has occurred away from the hospital then the injury must be treated immediately with the help of a First Aid Kit and the bleeding must be stopped. Everyone must have the basic knowledge and sense of how to use a First Aid Kit, children of all ages should be educated regarding this too. 

Even when you are on a vacation, it is essential that you carry a First Aid Kit, if you don’t want to carry heavy boxes and save some space you can carry your medical essentials in a sandwich bag or paper bag.


Thus, first aid kits should also be easily available everywhere, especially near highways and roadways and near schools and colleges. One must always have the required knowledge to use First Aid Kits

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